LISI is the exclusive distributor of CoPower products in the California marketplace.

About CoPower

CoPower delivers simple solutions and unique benefits, with options; providing employers with easy enrollment, consolidated billing, and unrivaled customer service.

For the past 17 years, CoPower has partnered with best-of-breed carriers to make top-of-the-line benefits available to the California small group marketplace. Today, CoPower is a solutions provider, ancillary benefit aggregator, and third party administrator for Delta Dental, VSP, Unum, and MetLife.

CoPower offers both stand-alone and bundled dental, vision, and life products. CoPower OPTIONS includes mix-and-match plans, while CoPower ONE offers exclusive bundled products, and CoPower SUITE offers dental, vision, and life packages through MetLife.

Selling CoPower

Adding a product and diversifying your portfolio with CoPower's ancillary offerings can help you multiply your revenues, and, unlike medical carrier commissions, your commissions on ancillary products are stable and exempt from healthcare reform legislation.

CoPower's ancillary products also help you increase the retention and annual value of your clients. If your client cannot renew their medical plan, you can still retain them with ancillary products.

Visit CoPower's web site or contact LISI to learn more about CoPower's ancillary benefit solutions and see for yourself how CoPower can power your sales!