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LISI is your dedicated Anthem Blue Cross resource.

To clarify a recent change regarding Anthem Blue Cross's reevaluation of their General Agent strategy, we are excited to say that LISI's partnership with Anthem Blue Cross is stronger than ever. LISI continues to be a premier General Agency partner with Anthem Blue Cross today, and will be after January 1, 2013, helping you present and sell their products. When you work with LISI, you will gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, as you will have access to:

YOUR OWN DEDICATED SALES TEAM RIGHT AT YOUR SIDE. Tap into the industry knowledge, business expertise, and personalized guidance that LISI provides. Receive end-to-end support from your LISI Regional Sales Manager, Broker Sales Representative, Underwriter, Small and Large Group Quote Specialists, and Supplies Specialist.

ANYTIME, ONE-CLICK, SMALL GROUP QUOTES. Enjoy the ease, speed, and convenience of 24/7 rating, quoting, and customized proposals through QuoteStar, Powered by HealthConnect.

ENROLLMENT SUPPORT. Your LISI Regional Sales Manager is ready to assist you with enrollment support for every line of coverage and carrier that your client chooses. We also coordinate the delivery of enrollment materials for your client, saving you more time.

COMPLIMENTARY PROGRAMS. Close the deal with a free benefit. From HRAnswerLink to COBRA, EAP, or POP for one year, or waive setup fees for pretax plans/HR services.

UNRIVALED STATEWIDE COVERAGE. With fully-staffed regional offices in San Mateo, Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, theres help nearby.

INNOVATIVE SALES SOLUTIONS. LISI can help you sell more policies by offering proven sales strategies and customized ancillary bundles from CoPower that better fit your clients needs.

COMMITMENT TO YOUR GROWTH. Rely on LISI to help you save time, increase your efficiency, and keep you informed. Well supply the tools you require to stay at the top with your clients.

RESOURCES THAT SAVE YOU VALUABLE TIME. Your LISI Sales Team will follow your proposal request every step of the way to ensure your clients needs are met.

MORE CARRIER OPTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS. LISI partners with more carriers than any other General Agent, including Anthem Blue Cross.

Contact LISI today to see why were your top choice for Anthem Blue Cross sales solutions.


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